What Does a Mercedes Roadster, Peter Fonda and the Super Bowl Have In Common?
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What Does a Mercedes Roadster, Peter Fonda and the Super Bowl Have In Common?

What Does a Mercedes Roadster, Peter Fonda and the Super Bowl Have In Common?

The trend of releasing Super Bowl ads before the game is a little annoying to some people. We all know people who say they just watch the game for the commercials. Now if you don’t have to watch the game for the commercials, how does that change things?Do you think it spoils any part of the experience to see most of the ads days, if not weeks, before? This topic is being discussed across the Internet, but I’m writing this article to share my thoughts on a specific Super Bowl advertisement by Mercedes.

The ad Mercedes plans to air during the big game this Sunday doesn’t start out like you think a Mercedes ad would. A group of bikers are in a bar and one of them heads to the jukebox to play the Steppenwolf classic, “Born To Be Wild.” We see various shots of the bikers drinking, fighting, playing pool, etc. Then a guy bursts through the front door to announce that his bike is “blocked in.” When the bikers head outside they see that it’s being blocked in by the beautiful new Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster. Out of nowhere Peter Fonda appears, fires up the car and speeds off down the highway.

So here’s my question… is this ad effective? We know it costs a lot of money to advertise during the Super Bowl and yes, the ad is funny and entertaining but what is Mercedes objective? After seeing this ad would you go online and look up the AMG GT C Roadster? What would your thoughts be when you found out how much it costs? No pricing has been announced yet but the coupe version starts around $112,000. Some models with options push that number close to $150,000.

I’m left with many questions that relate to this ad. Is the AMG GT C Roadster customer really hearing about this car for the first time through this ad? Would they likely call their local dealer and place a pre-order because of the ad? Is this ad just a way for Mercedes to show off one of their flagship models? I don’t have the answers for any of these questions but I can say I really enjoyed watching it. The commercial was directed by the Coen brothers and Peter Fonda’s appearance is well played.

The car is striking and it boasts some great performance numbers, but I’ll save those details for another article. It will be headed to U.S. dealerships in late summer 2017. I have to say, Mercedes making a roadster version of the already very sporty coupe seems like a great idea to me. I just can’t decide if the Super Bowl is the best place to advertise it.

If you are one of those people who enjoys seeing Super Bowl ads before the big game… look no further.


Photos/Video Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz/Mercedes-Benz USA

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