Think the new Discovery is soft? Meet Discovery SVX.
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Think the new Discovery is soft? Meet Discovery SVX.

Think the new Discovery is soft? Meet Discovery SVX.

Last fall I wrote an article about the latest iteration of the Discovery from Land Rover. I love the Discovery 4, or LR4, so much that I will be featuring one of the last models in an upcoming episode. The new Discovery has been called “soft” by many critics and a lot of people think it looks and feels more suburban jungle than actual jungle. Land Rover is out to change that perception with the SVX version they just unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Discovery SVX will be the first Land Rover to receive the Jaguar Land Rover SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) treatment. Previously the Range Rover Sport SVR and the Range Rover SVAutobiography were the only models to receive this treatment under the Land Rover banner.

According to Land Rover, the Discovery SVX will be the “Most extreme Land Rover yet, with go-anywhere capability – increased ground clearance, body and suspension lifts, more wheel articulation and large all-terrain tyres.” It will also have a very powerful 5 liter supercharged V8 that will pump out 518 hp. Not only will it be very powerful for off-road use, they are claiming a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds on the road. In addition to the engine, it will also have a Discovery first: Hydraulic Active Roll Control. It drastically improves body roll both on and off road and it also allows for increased wheel articulation. They’ve also given the exterior and much tougher and purpose built look. The exterior is an exclusive satin Tectonic Grey paint with Rush Orange Accents. The SVX also has a black grill and side vents along with silver roof rails and two roof mounted lights for additional nighttime visibility off road. If you look closely you will also notice the rear mounted electric winch system.

Inside, the seats have a unique SVX look to them. The car is also loaded with plenty of Land Rover tech as standard equipment. When it comes to price, it’s really anybody’s guess. We are still waiting for Land Rover to make that announcement. We do know the base price for a standard Discovery is $49,990. I recently built a fully loaded HSE Luxury and was able to get the price up to $81,000. So for an educated guess, I would say you can expect the SVX to start somewhere north of $75,000. It’s also worth noting that no other SVO vehicle from either Land Rover or Jaguar is under $100,000. That’s not to say this couldn’t be the first. There’s also this quote from Land Rover’s press release that may indicate a high price tag. “Discovery SVX will be the first Land Rover assembled by hand at the SVO Technical Centre when production begins in 2018.” Don’t get me wrong, assembled by hand is great but that doesn’t sound like this SUV will land on the lower end of the price range.

I’m excited to see that Land Rover is giving us the option to choose a more hard core version. Back in the early 2000s I remember looking through the accessory catalog which included items for both Discovery and Range Rover. They had things like brush guards, safari racks, and rear ladders and light guards. A friend of mine had a 2003 Range Rover with a brush guard and the rear light guards. It looked quite handsome. Then slowly over time these accessories disappeared from the catalog. That’s not entirely surprising but I do think there needs to be an option for Land Rover fans of yesteryear, myself included. I love the luxury aspect of these vehicles but the capability and its roughness around the edges yet regal look always made me smile. No other SUV on the road is quite like a Land Rover.


Enjoy this film of the Discovery SVX.

Photos/Video Courtesy: Jaguar/Land Rover/SVO

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