The World’s Shortest Press Release for One of my Favorite SUVs
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The World’s Shortest Press Release for One of my Favorite SUVs

The World’s Shortest Press Release for One of my Favorite SUVs

As a former news anchor and reporter I’ve spent my fair share of time with press releases and I’m always amazed when they only contain one paragraph of information. Well, Land Rover sent out a press release late Monday regarding the unveiling of their next new model, which made a one-paragraph release look like a Charles Dickens novel. Here’s the entire release, in quotes:

“The new Land Rover Discovery will have its world premiere on September 28, ahead of the Paris Motor Show.”

That’s all we know and we have to wait basically three weeks to learn more. Now what I can say is, this release also included the picture you see above. Since people say a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess this release technically had 1,018 words. So what can we take away from this? Well, the picture shows us the front of the car which is dramatically different from the outgoing model. For the past two generations the Discovery has been referred to as the LR3 and LR4 in America. I can only assume they will be going back to the Discovery name in the U.S., with the introduction of the Discovery Sport a few years ago, which replaced the LR2. This car looks not only more modern, but less ready for the rough stuff, in my mind. It shows a vehicle that’s more at home in the suburbs than the wilds of Africa. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing. Let’s face it, most Land Rovers spend their days traveling to schools on paved roads or waiting patiently in the Costco parking lot for their next adventure. That next adventure, of course, involves going home via the freeway. So, making the car look a little more “ready for the suburbs” may very well end up being a sales boost for Land Rover. I’m sure the underpinnings will tell a completely different story. There’s little doubt this car will use the latest off-road tech and anything thing else Land Rover can throw at it to make it more than capable in any situation. Some very good friends of mine recently purchased a brand new LR4 and I’m happy to report they’ve already done something other owners would never dream of and that’s using the Sand Mode on Terrain Response for actual sand driving, not just a driveway demonstration for friends and family. They’ve also taken it up and down a mountain pass in Vermont in the pouring rain, and you know what? They had no worries at all.

I love the old school meets new school styling of the LR4, inside and out. It’s no secret I can often be found gushing over Land Rovers and talking anyone willing to listen into purchasing one, or at least considering it. Only time will tell whether this new Discovery lives up to my expectations, but I hope in the process of upgrading, Land Rover doesn’t lose some of its charm that makes me love the brand. There is just something special about sitting in a luxurious vehicle and being able to go almost anywhere in it. The Discovery is unlike any other car. It’s not a Range Rover, either. It’s a car that can seat seven, that can go anywhere and it looks good no matter the background. From the Serengeti to the nearest grocery store, it always looks just right and you know it will get you home. Let’s hope this model carries on that tradition with a modern twist.


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