The New Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is My Favorite Plug-In
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The New Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is My Favorite Plug-In

The New Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is My Favorite Plug-In

Porsche’s new Panamera body style was unveiled last fall and I can already tell you it is a major improvement over the outgoing model. People either loved or hated the old body style. I don’t think we have that issue with this model. In fact, I think it’s one of the best looking sedans on the market today. Porsche has pulled out all the stops to make the Panamera stylish and elegant.

When it comes to engine choices the plug-in hybrid version, or E-Hybrid as Porsche calls it, is making a return. As you read in the title, you already know this is my favorite plug-in vehicle. More and more plug-in hybrids are hitting the market these days and many of them are luxurious. Both of Porsche’s German rivals, BMW and Mercedes, have already released plug-in versions of some of their most popular models. The Panamera is my favorite for a simple reason: it’s the best all-around car. Today people want performance, they want luxury and they want to be kinder to the environment as well as their pocket books when it comes time to fill up the tank. The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid offers all of this and more.

Let’s start with performance. Porsche customers care about performance. Even though this is a 4-door sedan they want to know that it will be fast and sporty. The combined horsepower of the gas engine and the electric motor is 462 and the 0-60 time clocks in at 4.4 seconds. The top speed is 172 mph. It also features all-wheel drive, which means it will continue to drive well even when the weather isn’t so nice.

If you like luxury you can option the car up with loads of leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, wood… you name it. You can have seat massagers and some of the most up-to-date tech offered in any of today’s cars. You can get a special app for your iPhone or Apple Watch that has loads of cross-functionality.

Environment/gas mileage is really where this car shines. It has one of the farthest plug-in hybrid ranges on the market at 30 miles on electric only. The official U.S. fuel economy numbers haven’t been released yet, but the European numbers have. They are quoting 96 mpg-e.

So you can get a car that seats 5 adults in comfortable luxury that travels 0-60 in 4.4 seconds which gets nearly 100 mpg with the 30 miles of electricity figured in, has all-wheel drive… and it’s a Porsche. The question now is why wouldn’t you buy it? It does qualify for the government rebate that applies to plug-in hybrids. The prices starts at $99,600, which is a lot, but I feel what you get in return is worth every penny.

One more thing, because of its different driving modes you can choose how you want the electric power to be used. This means you can choose all electric to commute back and forth to work in less than 30 miles, using no gas all week long. Or you can use the electric engine as boost along with the twin turbo V6 to achieve that impressive 0-60 while enjoying the beautiful sounds of the Porsche combustion engine. Either way, it’s up to you how you want to drive the car. The flexibility of choices, to me, make it one of the bests options for enthusiasts who like performance numbers and the sounds, but would like to conserve gas and lower their emissions.

Photos/Video Courtesy: Porsche North America

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