The New Audi A7 Sportback: Full-Size and Still Sporty
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The New Audi A7 Sportback: Full-Size and Still Sporty

The New Audi A7 Sportback: Full-Size and Still Sporty

The Audi A7 was one of the first vehicles in the 4-door coupe craze that started over a decade ago when the Mercedes-Benz CLS was first introduced. Audi has kept the A7 looking pretty much the same since its release in 2012. Now they are adding to the A7 some of the design language they started using with the A8, their full-sized sedan.

The A7 is a full-sized Audi, but it doesn’t have the head room or space of the A8 thanks to its very sporty and sleek roofline. I think the A7 is one of the sharpest looking 4-door coupes on the market. Although I’m a big fan of the Mercedes CLS, this new A7 is quite nice – especially once you get inside.

The interior has what Audi describes as a lounge atmosphere. You have plenty of luxury features, gadgets and, of course, the excellent Audi Virtual Cockpit. The lines on this car inside and out are very dramatic.

This concept of a 4-door coupe has proved to be pretty popular among the European automakers. I, for one, love the idea of having a full-size car that has plenty of cargo space, but at the same time feels smaller and more nimble. The balance of a large car that not only looks sporty, but is sporty, really gives Audi a unique spot in the market. What you lack in rear passenger space you make up with performance and looks.

We really don’t know very much about this car yet. Audi just released these pictures this week, so we will have to wait and see what engines they plan to offer, as well as the pricing. The current A7 starts at just a hair under $70,000.



Photos/Video Courtesy: Audi AG

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