The New 911 GT3 is Manual Once Again
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The New 911 GT3 is Manual Once Again

The New 911 GT3 is Manual Once Again

One thing we know about the people at Porsche is they listen to their customers. For example, when the last 911 GT3 was released with only the PDK transmission as an option, many enthusiasts expressed their disappointment. Now don’t get me wrong, the PDK is an excellent transmission, but it’s nice to at least have the option of a manual gearbox. By comparison, Ferrari has done away with them completely in recent years. This brings us to the Geneva Motor Show circa yesterday, where Porsche unveiled its latest version of the GT3.

If you aren’t familiar with the 911 lineup (and lets face it, it can be confusing), the GT3 version is a more hardcore version. It’s a naturally aspirated two wheel drive car that has quite a few performance upgrades to make it track day ready. Porsche notes this: “…the connection between everyday driving and the racetrack is even more intense.” So what’s new this time around? We start with the engine which is a 4.0 liter flat-6 that produces 500 hp and a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds. It is to 3.9 seconds with the 6-speed manual. This might bother some who want to take their car to the track on a regular basis, but if you’ve ever driven a manual Porsche you will know that the driver interaction and the feeling of shifting the gears is hard to beat, regardless of the 0-60 time.

Other features include the Porsche Sports Exhaust System and several interior options for seats. They also included Porsche Connect Plus and the Track Precision app as standard equipment. The Track Precision app enables 911 GT3 drivers to display, record and analyze detailed driving data using their smartphone.

I’ve always been a fan of the 911 and the GT3 model is at the top of that list because of the blend of street and racetrack, performance and feel. The 911 lineup may be confusing but I’m glad Porsche was listening when people said they want a manual or at least the option.


Photos/Video Courtesy: Porsche North America

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