The Lexus RX with a 3rd Row?
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The Lexus RX with a 3rd Row?

The Lexus RX with a 3rd Row?

It’s true the Lexus RX will now have the option for a third row seat. The popularity of SUVs and the tweaking of models continues with Lexus at the LA Auto Show which is kicking off this week. The RX350L and the RX450hL will soon be offered for people who want to have the third row option without compromising the sleek look of the RX. I think this is a really great move for Lexus. The RX was the SUV that really started the car based luxury SUV craze back in the late 90s that has now reached full on explosion status. I’ve talked with lots of families that want a three row luxury SUV, but they don’t want one that feels like a truck. They might like the GX or the LX from Lexus but those are both outside the price range of these families. That’s where the RX L will really shine. I definitely think there is a market for this SUV and that’s something I can’t say about every new model that is coming soon.

Let’s get in to more of the details. The starting price will be $47,670 with FWD, add another $2070 for AWD. I think this is a really competitive price when you compare it to other luxury SUVs that offer a third row. It’s $4450 more than the standard RX. The body has been lengthened by 4.3 inches and the steeper rear window allows for good headroom in the third row. You can also option the 2nd row with captains chairs which is a 6 seat configuration. Lexus has also gone to great lengths to make sure the level of luxury is the same for all three rows. The three zone climate controls give the third row passengers their own vents for comfort. They’ve also given it a nice amount of cargo space with the third row in place.

I think this is such a great idea for Lexus to offer this. There really aren’t very many SUVs that can combine luxury with an available third row at this price.



Photos/Video Courtesy: Lexus

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