Opulent Features of the Mercedes-Maybach S650
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Opulent Features of the Mercedes-Maybach S650

Opulent Features of the Mercedes-Maybach S650

The level of luxury people expect from a Mercedes S-Class is essentially second to none. An expected combination of materials, comfort, and technology come together to make your journey much more pleasant. The highest level of S-Class adds the name “Maybach” to the mix. In fact, it’s called the Mercedes-Maybach (not Benz) S650. I’ve found that if you want to see features will be on regular cars five to ten years from now, drive the top of the line S-Class today.

Occaisionally  I like to take a look at a vehicle’s features and options list and dig a little deeper to learn more about some of them. Today, I’m taking a closer look at some unique features and options of the Mercedes-Maybach S650.

Energizing Comfort Control

Energizing Comfort Control is listed as a standard feature on the Mercedes-Maybach S650 and it’s really quite something. It uses a number of different systems to help with the driver’s and passengers’ overall wellness. Here is the official description:

A production-car first, Energizing Comfort Control coordinates the climate control, Air Balance fragrance, ambient lighting, audio system, and even the available massaging driver seat and heated armrests. The driver can select from six 10-minute programs such as Freshness, Vitality or Comfort, and enjoy physical benefits accompanied by harmonious cabin lighting and music. Five music tracks are included, or it can select music from your own connected device by anaylzing its tempo.

Say you’ve had a hard day at the office, or you’re going through some stuff and you need a break. Just head out to the car and turn on your Energizing Comfort Control, relax and let the car lift your spirits.

Rear Seat Comfort/Controls

If I’m honest, the rear of the cabin is really the place you want to be in the Mercedes-Maybach. The rear seat passengers are taken care of in ways few cars can match. The standard Executive Rear Seats have numerous points of adjustment, including power calf rests.

4-way power reclining outboard seats let rear passengers ride in first-class comfort. In addition to power cushion angle adjustment, the seatbacks recline up to 43 degrees without reducing legroom. Each seat also includes a memory system and power calf rest. The right seat adds rear-cabin controls for the right-front seat. This feature lets you expand your legroom by moving the unoccupied front seat forward by an additional three inches, and tilting its seatback.

You can take your comfort a step further by opting for the Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS for $1,950. Because really, why wouldn’t you spring for this on a car that has a base price pushing $200,000? The PLUS package includes folding rear tables, a large extended center console and heated/cooled cupholders.

True first-class comfort comes in the form of twin power rear seats, with a power calf rest and footrest for the right seat. They’re divided by a wood-trimmed console with multiple compartments and twin folding tables.



Magic Body Control® is a fancy way of saying active suspension, but this system will feel like magic. While riding along in your Mercedes-Maybach using your heated cupholder and essentially lying down, you certainly won’t want to be feeling any bumps. That’s where Magic Body Control® with CURVE is necessary. It uses cameras to watch for upcoming bumps, potholes and curves and then takes the appropriate action to lessen the impact felt by the car’s occupants.

MAGIC BODY CONTROL® advances the fully active suspension to be proactive. Camera-based Road Surface Scan watches the road ahead and prepares the suspension to take action before the wheels reach bumps and dips. A network of sensors and electronically controlled hydraulics generates forces to counteract the effects of the road surface on ride and handling. The CURVE function lets the car lean into corners much like a motorcyclist or skier, to help reduce the lateral forces felt by the occupants.

Handcrafted silver champagne flutes

Believe it or not, this might be the most extravagant option one can get on the Mercedes-Maybach. They cost $3,200 and they have magnetic pads to hold them in place while the vehicle is in motion.

Will some of these features make it onto a Toyota in the future? Maybe not, but it’s always interesting to see what is happening with luxury and technology features at the top end of the automotive spectrum.


Photos/Video Courtesy: MBUSA

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