Jaguar Offers a New Take on Pay at the Pump
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Jaguar Offers a New Take on Pay at the Pump

Jaguar Offers a New Take on Pay at the Pump

How many times have you been to a filling station and fumbled for your debit/credit card only to then answer a list of questions about receipts, car washes and zip codes? It might not be the most annoying thing in the world, but luckily we live in a world where the tiniest daily annoyance can be solved thanks to a small upgrade in technology. Jaguar is rolling out a new in-car cashless payment system that will soon be available at select Shell stations starting in the UK and then expand worldwide.

So, how does this work? Is it secure? If you have a Jaguar XE, XF or F-Pace you will need to download the Shell app on your smartphone to allow the car and the filling station to communicate. You can use the cars built in touch screen to select how much fuel you want and how to pay for it through your smartphone using PayPal or Apple Pay. (Android Pay will roll out later in 2017.) Once the car’s tank is full, an electronic receipt will display on the car’s touchscreen and be delivered to the driver’s E-mail address. The car’s touchscreen, your smartphone, the Shell app and the pump all work together to make it even easier to purchase fuel. The transaction is just as secure as any other transaction involving PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay. These methods have actually proved to be more secure than certain debit/credit cards.

Don’t get to excited… the car doesn’t actually foot the bill. Although, it does make the process easier and appears to bypass the laundry list of questions you have to answer before the pump is activated.


Photos Courtesy: Jaguar

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