Can a Toyota Camry be Sexy?
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Can a Toyota Camry be Sexy?

Can a Toyota Camry be Sexy?

I’ve heard the Toyota Camry referred to as many things, such as reliableeconomical and even average. A new, surprising word is currently being introduced to this list: sexy. The President of the Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, referred to the 2018 Camry as “sexy” during its unveiling last month at the North American International Auto Show. This is definitely new territory for a sedan that has been the epitome of a good and dependable four door sedan. People know it’s not too flashy or expensive, yet it’s not cheap feeling, either.

Camry currently holds the title of best selling car in America and has successfully held on to it for 15 consecutive years. That is no small feat. For the past two years the folks at have noted that it’s one of the “Most American Made” cars on the market. I’ve spoken to many Camry owners over the years and they are very pleased with the car but I wouldn’t say they call themselves car enthusiasts. All of these old Camry perceptions contrast with today’s new, sexier Camry. Obviously Toyota is trying to broaden the appeal of the Camry by giving it a sportier look and sophisticated interior. When you look at the pictures,  I think you will agree it is more exciting than Camrys of the past.

I must admit, I love sexy cars. Almost every Italian car fits into this category and the same can be said for most sports cars. However, my initial thought when Toyota declared the Camry as sexy was, “Oh, yeah right, hahaha!” Seriously though, what’s wrong with making a practical, reliable car a little bit sexier? Doesn’t everyone deserve to have a little more fun with their car choice?

One of my favorite lines to say is, “Life is too short to drive a boring car.” Starting with the 2018 model year, the Camry may need to be removed from the boring list. Has it made the leap completely to sexy status? I’ll let you decide for yourself. If you want to be one of the first to see a 2018 Camry in person, head over to the Chicago Auto Show between February 10 – 22, 2017

Photos/Video Courtesy: Toyota Motor Corporation

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