Automotive Safety and the Audi Q7
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Automotive Safety and the Audi Q7

Automotive Safety and the Audi Q7

It’s no secret that the world of SUVs is exploding. So many new models are hitting the streets each year and many more are being restyled. One of those SUVs that’s been around from awhile now is the Audi Q7 the largest SUV from Audi and one that has a third row. It was totally restyled for 2017 and I was able to get my hands on one.

I partnered with the Buchanan, Williams and O’Brien, law firm for this episode because of their commitment to automotive safety. When you finish reading this article you should click the link below to find out more about them and to register for a free phone holder for your ride. The new Audi Q7 is simply loaded with safety features. Some you’ve probably heard of and others that are fairly new.

When you first get behind the wheel you notice right away Audi’s new Virtual Cockpit which amounts to a digital dashboard. More and more companies are doing this now but Audi is giving you the opportunity to customize the gauge layout and really make it your own. My favorite mode involves having the gauges themselves on their small setting and the map large in between them. Something about that makes me feel like a pilot instead of a driver. The other big thing with the Q7 is safety. Everybody wants safety features but luxury companies like Audi are taking the features to the next level. Lots of cars have blind spot monitoring, but is it done well? Is it easy to see and does it get your attention without causing too much of a distraction? Audi has integrated their blind spot lighting into the mirror housing instead of on the mirror itself.

The Q7 comes standard with Audi Pre Sense City which uses cameras and sensors to try and recognize stationary objects and pedestrians to help avoid collisions. It can take over the braking in an emergency under 25 mph. This is just one of many safety related features ranging from night vision to active lane keeping assist. All of the features work together to try and keep you safer on the road. The other great thing about these features and the way they work on the Audi is the fact that most of them work in the background and don’t make you aware of them until needed. Many other cars have the features but you have to turn them on and off as you drive.

One of my other favorite features has to do with parallel parking. When you park on the street and you start to open your door it might be easy to look in the mirror and see another car but you may not notice a cyclist. The blind spot monitoring lights will flash along with an audible tone if you are about to open the door and hit something or someone. A nice feature that uses the rear sensors and the blind spot monitoring for a different function.

If you want even more information on the new for 2017 Audi Q7 watch the full episode at the link below.




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