Another New Crossover from BMW
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Another New Crossover from BMW

Another New Crossover from BMW

The Paris Motor Show is happening right now and that’s a good thing because it means more new cars to talk about. One of the first to make a world debut is the X2 Concept from BMW. Now in case you weren’t aware, BMW already makes five SUV/Crossovers. The X2 Concept would be the sixth in the lineup and possibly the seventh if the rumors of an X7 are true. This begs the question, “Do we need another SUV from BMW?” My answer to that question is, I’m not one to say we shouldn’t have options but there is a point where I think the choices can be overwhelming. As long as a car company keeps the look and feel of each model distinct, I think it can work.

The BMW X1 was just refreshed and it looks much, much better than before. It’s not so station wagon-ish and it has a very nice sporty look to it. Yet, it is smaller than an X3… but not as sporty as an X4 (are you following all of this?). The X2 Concept would slot nicely between an X1 and X3 as a less practical, sporty version of the X1.

I’m guessing, based on its looks, it won’t have as much cargo space or rear headroom. But does that really matter? Having a stylish sport ute that isn’t as functional as others seems to be the cool thing for manufacturers to do right now. Just look at the success of the X6. It sits on the X5 chassis, has less cargo space and less rear headroom, but somehow it works. It’s unique looking and every time I see one I think yes, I want one of those. The X2 Concept has those qualities. It’s a great looking car that allows customers who can’t afford an X6, or even an X4, to get a very sporty, maybe not that practical SUV that will stand out from the crowd. I am speculating about the price because nothing has been officially announced yet.

Both the X6 and the X4 are called Sports Activity Coupes by BMW. The X2 is simply a Sports Activity Coupe version of the X1. My final thought is, bring on the choices! European companies are continuing to expand their SUV lineups – so why not? These sport utes are certainly popular.


Photo Courtesy BMW of North America

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