An Extra Special Porsche 911 is Coming
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An Extra Special Porsche 911 is Coming

An Extra Special Porsche 911 is Coming

Do you sometimes feel your 911 Turbo S just isn’t unique enough? Once again Porsche has answered a question very few of us have asked. The 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series adds one more rung to the hierarchy of 911 models. The Turbo S models have always been Porsche’s ultimate versions, whether it is the 911, the Cayenne or even the Panamera. But having a model that is a notch above, or, what I like to call a “these amps go to 11” model, is definitely something special.

Let’s dive in to the stats. First of all, it will be the most powerful 911. The standard Turbo S features a 580-hp engine. The Exclusive bumps that number up to 607-hp. This makes for a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds and an equally impressive 9.6 seconds to 125 mph. I find these figures mind blowing. The Exclusive Series also showcases unique trim options and a very high level of craftsmanship. It is interesting to note only 500 will be built.

This new color is called Golden Yellow Metallic. It’s not a color I would typically choose, but with the exposed carbon fiber and the black and gold wheels – it just works. The carbon weave strips on the roof and the front trunk give the car a fast, sporty look. The rear wing and the carbon side skirts are also nice touches. The car looks more in line with the artistry of a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and it should at the price tag we are expecting. Porsche hasn’t yet stated how much it will cost, but the base price for a standard Turbo S is just a hair over $190,000. We can only assume that this model will be priced into the $200K’s. That puts it right in the middle of entry level Ferraris, McLarens and Lambos. The question then becomes, would like you an entry level exotic or the ultimate 911? For me, that’s a tough call. I have long felt that the 911 Turbo is the best all around sports car you can buy. It’s all wheel drive, it has four seats (sort of), it has lots of power, technology, and luxury in a package that’s iconic which somehow manages to be beautiful and very functional looking at the same time.

The interior features plenty of Golden Yellow touches from the exterior. You can spot it on the gauges, the seats and even the headliner. It definitely looks more exclusive than the standard interiors.


So if the Jones’ down the street just bought a 911 Turbo S, and you are the kind of person who loves to “one up” your neighbor, you can now head over to Porsche’s website and try to snag one of the 500 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series models.

Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series – Launch Film


Photos/Video Courtesy: Porsche North America

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