An Audi That Can Heat and Massage Your Feet
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An Audi That Can Heat and Massage Your Feet

An Audi That Can Heat and Massage Your Feet

A few days ago Audi released the first images and details of their upcoming redesigned Audi A8 flagship sedan. Much talk has been made about how sedans are going away in favor of SUVs. Well the big three German companies are working to give you plenty of reasons to change your mind.

I have always been a fan of these big luxurious sedans, Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series and Audi A8. I love the fact that most of the technology we enjoy down market gets its start on these three models. By now you may have heard of massaging seats. All three of those cars offer them in the front and rear. If you go back and watch my Mercedes S550 and CLS550 episodes, I spend some time talking about them. Other companies like Porsche and Land Rover have added them to some of their models. So now that you can have heated seats, cooled seats, and massaging seats, it’s time for the next frontier – your tired feet.

Audi’s A8 comes in a long wheelbase model the A8 L and when you choose that version you can then choose the relaxation seat. This seat is located behind the front passenger seat and gives the rear passenger the ability to move the seat forward and pull down a nice footrest on the seat back. Once the footrest is down you can heat and massage the soles of your feet with multiple settings. The new comfort headrest, along with four different pre configured seating positions, makes for a very relaxing experience. Of course the seat itself can provide a massage, too, and loads of entertainment at your fingertips. The problem I see with this is an argument may break out about who will drive and ride.

I think this is a great idea and would certainly be a welcome feature. Having used the massaging seats both as a passenger and while driving, I can tell you that they really do make long trips a breeze. But laying down in the back with your shoes off brings the experience to a whole new level. Don’t take my word for it, let Spider-Man’s Dad demonstrate in this video.

Photos/Video Courtesy: Audi AG

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