The New 2018 BMW X3
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The New 2018 BMW X3

The New 2018 BMW X3

BMW was one of the first companies to get into the SUV game (or as they call them SAVs, which stands for Sports Activity Vehicle). The latest version of the X3 will be heading to dealers soon as a 2018 model. I’ve been a big fan of the current bodystyle X3, which is a great size. Unfortunately, the original X3 seemed to suffer from a bit of an identity crisis, much like the first X1 did when it came to the U.S. The X3 has now discovered its identity.

After looking at the first few pictures and video, I think it’s a great looking SUV. It has a nice looking interior and appears more modern overall. This new model adds plenty of great tech along with a first for the model – an M Performance version. The Performance version goes above and beyond the M Performance package, which was mostly just for looks. This one is called the X3 M40i and it features a 3 liter TwinPower Turbo inline-6 that is good for 355 hp and a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds, which is impressive. It’s good for BMW to offer this given the number of AMG models being added to the GLC. Also, the Porsche Macan has been cutting into their sales.

Now let’s talk tech. This new X3 will offer BMW’s Gesture Control from the 7-Series. BMW says it, “…allows numerous infotainment, communication, and navigation functions to be operated intuitively using finger and hand gestures.” You can’t miss the crazy-long list of safety features and driver’s aides that are all bundled together. BMW is referring to them as Personal CoPilot. Here’s what BMW says about it:

“All the systems currently offered by BMW are available, such as the latest generation of Active Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go, whose capabilities include braking the car to a halt in stop-and-go traffic and automatically restarting to drive.

The Driving Assistance Package includes Active Blind Spot Protection, Lane Departure Warning, Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning with City Collison Mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert rear, and Speed Limit Info (Navigation system required).

The Driving Assistant Plus Package offers additional comfort features: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance, Traffic Jam Assistant, Evasion Aid & Cross Traffic alert front and rear.”

One more thing – the new Heads Up Display is 75% larger than the previous version. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of it. It looks like the screen used in the BMW Concept i8 featured in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which came out in 2011. I guess in 2018 it won’t be “impossible” any longer.

As the competition for luxurious SUVs loaded with tech continues to heat up, BMW proves they still have a place at the table. I think the X3 is a great looking SUV and the interior looks more luxurious than the previous model. Truly though, what’s not to love about the M40i’s performance numbers?

Photos/Video Courtesy: BMW USA

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