What Kind of Car Does Spider-Man Drive?
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What Kind of Car Does Spider-Man Drive?

What Kind of Car Does Spider-Man Drive?

So, we know Bruce Wayne has his Lamborghini and James Bond has an Aston Martin… it only makes sense to ask the question, what sort of car does Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man) drive? A friend of mine, who is probably the world’s biggest Spider-Man fan, would tell you he drives a red Camaro Z/28. Well the picture above shows Peter in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming (which hits theaters next month) with the Audi TTS Roadster. While this is interesting, apparently there is another scene in the film which gives audiences the first real look at the new Audi A8, the company’s flagship sedan. During the past few years Mercedes has made some serious updates to its flagship, the S-Class, and BMW has done the same with its 7-Series. Now it’s Audi’s turn with the A8 and what better place to do so than in a summer blockbuster?

Here’s what Audi had to say about the scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming which features the new A8:

“In the Marvel blockbuster, Tom Holland plays “Peter Parker” who’s chauffeured around by “Happy Hogan” (Jon Favreau) in the new Audi A8 L. The movie scene allows a first impression of the front and side design of the new sedan. Besides that, moviegoers also get a demo of new innovations such as highly automated driving in traffic jams: while driving “Happy” takes his hands off the steering wheel and, like magic, it continues to turn all on its own. The Audi A8 takes over the task of driving when the Audi AI traffic jam pilot is turned on.”

In case you want a sneak preview of the Audi with some of the new technology they have released these three videos.

Audi A8 Sneak Preview: Audi AI remote parking pilot

Audi A8 Sneak Preview: Audi AI traffic jam pilot

Audi “Driver’s Test” – Spider-Man: Homecoming


Photos/Video Courtesy: Audi AG/Marvel Entertainment

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