The BMW i8 Loses Its Top For 2019
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The BMW i8 Loses Its Top For 2019

The BMW i8 Loses Its Top For 2019

After plenty of rumors and teasing, BMW is unveiling the 2019 i8 Roadster at the LA Auto Show. I’ve been a big fan of the i8 for quite awhile now even though some people feel it falls into a love it or hate it category.

The nice thing about this new roadster is that it does in fact have a fully electric top even though it doesn’t really look like it. The power for both the coupe and roadster in 2019 is up for a total of 369 hp which is good for a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds in the coupe and 4.4 seconds in the Roadster. The roadster’s color is called E-Copper and it’s new as well.

I’ve always been a fan of open top driving, but you know it will be a little eerie with no noise at least while it’s in electric only mode.  Which by the way it can do for just 18 miles. I think the i8 looks great and it would be a great car to own. The roadster does look stunning and the only real compromise you have to make, other than the slightly slower 0-60 time, is the lack of a back seat which the coupe does have. I realize of course its for small children only but still. The other problem is the upcoming Tesla Roadster. The i8 coupe retails for $145,000 so you can expect the roadster to be over $150,000 even though pricing hasn’t been announced yet. The Tesla will be the electric roadster to have albeit for over $200,000. But let’s be honest, the i8 isn’t exactly cheap.

You have to give BMW credit for going way outside the box with this model and sticking with it.



Photos/Video Courtesy: BMW

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