Tesla Superchargers Arrive in Joplin
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Tesla Superchargers Arrive in Joplin

Tesla Superchargers Arrive in Joplin

I was chatting on the phone with a friend of mine who lives in California and as usual, our topic of conversation turned to cars. He mentioned the Joplin supercharger station is now listed as open on the Tesla website. Leave it to my Californian friend to tell me what’s happening in my own backyard. I’ve been trying to follow this development for some time now because Joplin, Missouri, is located at the crossroads of two major highways, I-49 and I-44. It’s a logical place to put a supercharger station. I got off the phone and into my car, eager to confirm his report. Sure enough, eight shiny, new Tesla Superchargers are now installed on the side of the DoubleTree (formerly Holiday Inn) hotel.



Tesla is by far the most well-known producer of 100% electric vehicles. The brand has created a kind of cult-like following. If you aren’t familiar with the Tesla Supercharger network, it’s a place where owners can charge their vehicles in a fraction of the time it would take in other places. Essentially, leaving your car on the supercharger for 30 minutes will give you another 170 miles of range, give or take.

We are currently in the middle of producing an in-depth episode about electric cars and their viability as an alternative to gas for car buyers in the midwest. Up until recently, the increase in electric ownership has mostly been on the east and west coasts. This is mostly due to the lack of infrastructure anywhere else. Tesla has already placed numerous superchargers on the coasts and are now working on a massive install of superchargers all across the country.

So what’s so great about these chargers? What’s great is what they represent. Tesla is a company that is literally “charging” headstrong into the future. Instead of building cars that need to be charged and then telling the customer they are on their own to find a place to plug in, Tesla has developed their own chargers that are faster then any others. I previously mentioned 170 miles charged in 30 minutes… you can compare that to 52 miles per hour if you charge at home. A supercharger is the way to go if you want to head out of town. I know it’s not as fast as fueling your car at a traditional gas station, but the wait time is decreasing.

If you are like me… a car nut, a Tesla fan and are curious enough to see one of these superchargers up close, head out to the DoubleTree behind the Residence Inn. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see a Tesla plugged in, powering up to continue its journey.

Here’s a list of some other Tesla Superchargers around the midwest that are set to open soon:

  • Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Clarksville, Arkansas
  • Forrest City, Arkansas
  • Arkadelphia, Arkansas
  • Blytheville, Arkansas
  • Henryetta, Oklahoma
  • Emporia, Kansas
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Osage Beach, Missouri
  • Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Bethany, Missouri

You can check out the full map of Tesla Superchargers at this link.

Photos Courtesy: Phil’s Morning Drive

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  • Todd Greene
    Posted at 12:32h, 04 May Reply

    Yay Tesla. Yay Joplin!

  • Confused
    Posted at 11:01h, 05 May Reply

    When you do your analysis, please include the costs of generating the electricity needed for these cars against the costs of ethanol and gasoline. I am confused why we are being pushed to conserve electricity and spending significant funds to make our homes more energy efficient, and forced into using florescent and led lighting, but at the same time being told to buy fully electric cars which need to be plugged in to electricity.

  • Attila Okner
    Posted at 13:17h, 05 May Reply

    I actually reached out to Tesla in 2015 to propose a plan to put charging stations in Joplin. However, at that time, Tesla did not have plans to support the build. Glad to see this option finally making it here.

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