Bond on a Budget: 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
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Bond on a Budget: 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Bond on a Budget: 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

If you remember the final outing of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, you remember a movie called Die Another Day, which in my opinion wasn’t the best for the franchise. If you are even the slightest car enthusiast you will remember the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish that Bond drives in this movie, probably because of its hokey invisibility feature. Let’s try to forget all of that and focus on the rest of the car – the studded tires, the scene on the frozen lake, and of course, the return of the ejector seat.

I’ve shared several cars over the last few months that were driven by Bond, but this is the first Aston Martin I’ve detailed. The reason for that is that most every other Aston Martin that Bond drives will cost you well into the six figures (no matter which year), thus conflicting with the “Bond on a Budget” theme.

As far as the specs are concerned, it does have a 460 hp V12 that can propel you (or 007) 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds. The V12 Vanquish is well known for having a sluggish transmission. For that reason, the V12 Vanquish is now quite affordable by Aston standards. I found several for sale online priced around $65,000-$75,000. This may still sound like a lot but considering the original price in 2002 was around $228,000, it’s taken a hit with a serious amount of depreciation.

This isn’t the cheapest Aston Martin you can find on the used market, it’s just one of least expensive models that was featured in a Bond film. In other words, you could get a different Aston Martin for even less money and probably still feel like 007 when you drive it.



NADA Guide Pricing for a 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish:


Here’s a couple listed for sale:

2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish – $67,000 – 21,958 miles

2003 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish – $78,900 – 17,740 miles

See one of the cars used in Die Another Day that is currently on display at the London Film Museum in this episode of Phil’s Morning Drive.


Photos/Video Courtesy: EON Productions/United Artists/Aston Martin/Phil’s Morning Drive

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