Aston Martin is Making an Old Model New Again
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Aston Martin is Making an Old Model New Again

Aston Martin is Making an Old Model New Again

With all the talk of self-driving cars and increasingly more features which make the driver obsolete, Aston Martin is going in the opposite direction by releasing a new/old model. You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? The folks at Aston have announced a 25 car production run of the DB4 G.T. which they are calling the DB4 G.T. Continuation. The original DB4 G.T. was produced back in 1959 and was the fastest passenger sports car from Britain at the time. It was a more hard core version of the standard DB4. Sir Stirling Moss drove the original to a victory at Silverstone. The car featured more powerful version of the 3.7 liter straight-six found in other Astons of the day. Between 1959 and 1963 Aston Martin produced just 75 DB4 G.T.s. Most of these survive today and are worth in excess of $3.7 million. However, eight of the original DB4 G.T.s were considered lightweight models. These are the rarest of the rare.

Today, Aston Martin is taking the design of the original eight factory lightweight DB4 G.T.s and creating the Continuation model. It’s being built with a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern techniques that will improve engine performance, handling, braking and of course, safety. The goal is to upgrade those components while also maintaining the feel and character of the original. In fact the VIN numbers of these new cars will pick up where the last DB4 G.T. left off. The car will feature a 4-speed manual transmission and a straight-six cylinder engine that puts out 340 hp.

The cars are for track use only but never fear, Aston Martin Works has created a two-year international track driving program that’s being held at famous race tracks like the Das Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Aston Martin is calling it the ultimate arrive-and-drive experience. This experience also includes expert instructors and a fully dedicated driving training team.

Aston Martin will be building 25 DB4 G.T. Continuations and the first deliveries will start sometime during the summer of 2017.  The price is unknown at this time.

I think it’s exciting to see companies like Aston Martin fully embrace their heritage and now offer customers a new/old car that allows them to experience this iconic car on the track, just like the original. It won’t be cheap but with so many boring cars being sold these days I think the idea and the program is refreshing. Now, if we can just get Ford to build an old/new 1965 Ford Mustang.


Photos Courtesy: Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

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