Another New SUV is Coming from Audi
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Another New SUV is Coming from Audi

Another New SUV is Coming from Audi

The North American International Auto Show, or the Detroit Auto Show as it’s often referred to, is opening January 8. This year’s show promises three things: more electrified motoring, more autonomous features and more SUVs. As for those SUVs, the folks at Audi have unveiled a couple of new sketches of the Audi Q8 Concept. It promises to be larger than the Q7, more coupe-like and even more stylish. You’ll also notice the “e-tron” logo on the front splitter, which we can only assume means a plug-in hybrid version may be available.

“The Q8 Concept is designed to be the start of a new segment of full-size SUVs that feature the looks of a coupe” is how Audi describes the new model. BMW’s X6 was really the first of this type of vehicle, I thought as I read that statement. However, I wouldn’t really call it a full-size SUV, so they may have a point. The same statement goes for the new Mercedes GLE coupe.

I do really like the look of the Q8 Concept. The redesigned Q7 is stunning, as well. Audi definitely has their work cut out for them since there is no shortage of great looking SUVs on the market today. Let’s face it, as long as people keep buying SUVs that look like coupes and are faster than some coupes, why shouldn’t the manufacturers continue to create them? Get ready to begin seeing manufacturers create niches within a niche.

Be sure to watch the Phil’s Morning Drive blog for more details on the Audi Q8 Concept next week. I’ll also be sharing updates on a slew of other cars set to debut.


Photos Courtesy: Audi AG

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