An Even More Insane G-Class From Mercedes
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An Even More Insane G-Class From Mercedes

An Even More Insane G-Class From Mercedes

Behold, the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet. Ok, so the G-Wagen is an interesting car in its normal trim level but this version is probably going to win the award for the most insane SUV for 2017. Mercedes and their uber-luxury arm, Maybach, are teaming up to create the ultimate luxurious convertible off-road vehicle. It’s raised up like the 4×4 squared version I wrote about in another article last fall. This version has a longer wheelbase and the ability to have Maybach-style first class seats in the back. When I say first class seats, I mean it. It’s the perfect car to take on a luxurious safari or through the Australian outback. You can relax with the top down, enjoy a nice massage from the seats and maybe even watch a movie on the flat screens in front of you. I’m imagining driving this out to a remote location for some star gazing or to watch a meteor shower, all while feeling fabulously comfortable.

So what else makes it so luxurious? How about the nice writing desk-style tables that fold out, or perhaps the heated or cooled cupholders. Leather is literally everywhere and it’s packed with all the latest tech. In case you want to be chauffeured, there is a privacy screen between the front and rear seats. But get this, it can be changed from clear to opaque with the press of a button. You can also lower it, if you wish. The best way to understand the level of luxury this vehicle imparts is by checking out the photos and a video/trailer that Mercedes-Maybach released for the vehicle.


The engine featured will be the Mercedes AMG bi-turbo V12, which produces 650 hp. It is the ultimate combination of everything Mercedes does so well.

Only 99 of the will be built and the official unveiling will take place this Spring at the Geneva Motor Show. Customers will start taking delivery this fall. I have no idea what the price will be but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was somewhere in the million dollar ballpark.


Photos/Video Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz

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