Alfa Romeo’s Idea of an SUV is Coming Soon
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Alfa Romeo’s Idea of an SUV is Coming Soon

Alfa Romeo’s Idea of an SUV is Coming Soon


It’s a common headline: Another New SUV is Coming Soon. What’s the big deal? Well, another sports car company with a long history of racing success is making an SUV. It will compete with companies like Porsche and Maserati. This new SUV is called the Stelvio and it’s coming soon from Alfa Romeo. It’s a company that is very hot at the moment, mostly because of their breathtaking Super Bowl ads which debuted during the big game earlier this month. Alfa Romeo is returning to the U.S. with a bang, that’s for sure. Even though their 4C sports car has been out for a few years, its low production numbers make it a pretty rare sight on the road. The Giulia and the new Stelvio are expected to go a little more mainstream.

Several versions of the Stelvio will be offered, including a Quadrifoglio version with the same 500+ hp engine which can be found in the Giulia. For anyone not looking to win races, several other engine choices will be offered. The Stelvio also features the Q4 AWD system that Maserati uses. It promises to have excellent handling, as well.

The car gets its name from the Stelvio Pass in Italy, which is the highest mountain pass in the country. The folks at Top Gear called it the greatest driving road in the world. It also made a cameo appearance in the James Bond film Goldfinger. The Alfa has to handle well and be very performance-oriented in order to live up to its name.

As for the styling, it looks a look like a Giulia in the front but a sporty, yet elegant, SUV towards the back. I think the styling gives it a fairly unique look, compared to its competition, but I still feel the Porsche Macan is the most stylish in this segment.

I’ve always been an Alfa Romeo fan. I think the Stelvio has the potential to be a great car and a nice alternative to all the German and Japanese offerings. But really, when it comes down to it, who wouldn’t want an Italian car in their garage?


Photos/Video Courtesy: Alfa Romeo

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