A Bigger, Badder Beamer: The new BMW X7
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A Bigger, Badder Beamer: The new BMW X7

A Bigger, Badder Beamer: The new BMW X7

The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the biggest events of the year for the European auto companies and this year we’ve seen plenty of unveilings. I previously wrote an article about the possibility of another new SUV from BMW that would be the largest one in the lineup, the X7. Well, the time has now come for BMW to confirm those suspicions by unveiling the X7 in concept form.

Up until this point, the X5 was the only SUV offered with a third row. Although it hasn’t been the most usable compared to the competition. Its two main competitors are the Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS. Both of those offer more spacious third rows. Here’s what BMW is saying about this new model:

“…the BMW Group is not only pulling back the covers on a new model concept for the luxury segment, it is also introducing a whole new take on luxury for the BMW brand. The Concept X7 iPerformance embodies this understanding of luxury in the form of a striking exterior composed of intently focused lines, and combines it with a generously-sized, six-person interior pared down to the essentials: elementary forms, high-class materials and a state-of-the-art infotainment system brimming with connectivity.”

So, what exactly do we know about this model? BMW’s main focus is based on transporting six people in ultimate luxury. Will it be similar to the level of luxury you would expect from the 7-Series sedan? Just look at these photos of the interior. Even though it’s a concept, it is very interesting to see where BMW interiors are headed in terms of luxury.

The exterior looks much more square and tall than other BMW SUVs. That shape helps it stand out, but also helps with interior head room (something rear seat passengers in the X6 have complained about). We know it will be plug-in hybrid, but no one is saying if it will be similar to the X5 or 7-Series plug-ins, or something totally new. I’m hoping it gets more than 20 miles of range on electric only, but given its size, that may not be possible. As far as price, I’m going to guess a starting price somewhere north of $75,000. The 7-Series sedan starts at $83,000 and the majority of the competition is in that ballpark. Although we don’t have a lot of the specs, there are plenty of pictures to share.


Photos/Video Courtesy: BMW

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